Connecting Local Students from Macomb County to Local Businesses and Universities

Some of the Brightest High School Students Conduct a Semester Long Research Project For Your Business On A Topic of Your Choice

Students Design and Complete an Experiment At School or Your Company For Free!

You Provide the Topic — We Provide the Man-Power

Why? Students are required to conduct meaningful research project for the community as part of their graduation requirement.

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Here Are Ways Students Can Benefit Our Community

Example 1: You are a manufacturer of metal parts and are in need of initial corrosion studies. You provide students with samples of the parts and specify corrosion testing guidelines. The tests can be conducted at school or at your company. Research results will be presented to you in a bound paper.

Example 2: You are a local grocery store and debating on how often to spray the vegetables in order to keep them fresh. Students conduct a test on how the frequency of water-spraying relates to vegetable freshness. A test stand is constructed at school for the study or the experiment is conducted at your store.

Example 3: You are the head of the road commission and are not convinced which type of salt works best to melt road ice. With your input, students will design a test-bed onto which ice will be frozen. Salt will be distributed in a specified manner and thawing times will be recorded. Conclusions will be presented to you at the school symposium.

The results of these student research experiments are not to be used for making any business or engineering decisions but might  assist you in conducting your own professional research experiments or lead to job opportunities for students at your company.